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The world of fashion is a self-evolving landscape brimming with creativity by fashion designers, stylists, fashion writers, style icons, and everyday men and women aspiring to be trendy or fashioning their own style statements. On Fashionlivre, we string together snapshots of this extraordinary landscape, its myriad creative influences, inspirations,  and experiments. Some of these snapshots are fantastic and fanciful, some others formal and conventional, although all of them are inspiring and brilliant.

What makes us unique

The aesthetics of art is akin to that of fashion. So, the question, “what is fashion?” is as metaphysical as “what is art?” At Fashionlivre, we are not trying to provide you with answers to abstract queries, although you may stumble upon them here by serendipity. What we provide is a catalytic online milieu where you can rediscover the creative being in you.

How we do it

We offer fashion enthusiasts and creatives a platform to showcase your style concepts, ensembles, and the looks you want to share so that the rest of the world be sparked by ideas on how to team up vintage accessories with designer jeans, what shoes to wear with plaid flannel shirts, what top goes with the sequined skirt that has been quietly stashed in the wardrobe for years, a or how to add panache to an entire ensemble with a dash of color, and so on and so forth.

From men’s coats to women’s bags and everything in between, find the hottest trends and looks showcased here.    

When you create an account on Fashionlivre, you own a creative space to display your unique fashion looks through photos and blogs. In this vibrant community that celebrates creativity, you connect with other designers, bloggers, and fashion lovers.

Not ready to showcase your style yet?  No problem! You can still follow your favorite fashion bloggers and creatives here and be inspired by their fashion concepts and ideas.

Join us and have fun celebrating your passion for fashion !!!


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