Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fashionlivre?


Fashionlivre offer a creative platform to fashion enthusiasts to showcase their style concepts, ensembles, and the looks they want to share so that the rest of the world be sparked by their ideas.

The main objective of the platform is to develop community where everyone can share their daily wardrobes, trends, ideas, and get inspired from other stylists in the community.

You can do this by publishing your look, providing feedback to other looks by giving like and comments. If you don't want to share your look, still follow your favorite fashion bloggers and creatives here and be inspired by their fashion concepts and ideas.


What does the Fashionlivre mean?


The word Livre in French means Book.  Fashion“Livre” is “Fashion Book”.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, signup here. After you complete the sign up form, we'll send an email to the address you provided. Just click the confirmation link to complete the sign up process.

What is a Look?

A “look” is a style showcased by a member of community. It can be a single or multiple (max 5) photos describe the users outfit. It may have details of outfit.

How do I post a Look?

To post a look you must be logged in. Click the “Post A Look” tab from the main navigation area or from your wall page. This will take you to the main upload page. On the upload page;
•    Browse the images by clicking in the box anywhere  or directly drag and drop from the folder.
•    You can upload maximum 5 photos.
•    The photo size should not be more than 5 MB.
•    File format supported are; PNG, JPG, GIF
•    Refer the guidelines for posting a look.
•    You can delete the photo from the box if you have uploaded wrong photo.
•    Provide title of your look. This is how your photo will be known.
•    Provide the details of your outfit in “what are you wearing today” section to get more likes.
•    Write the brief description of your look.
•    If you have blog/website, provide the link.
•    Tag keywords of your look separated by comma.
•    Once you are done, click on “Post Look” button.

How do I promote my Look?

After posting a look, you can share the look at Facebook, twitter, Google-plus and Pinterest from your wall page.

What are the rules for posting a Look?

Refer the link Rules for posting a look to follow the guidelines of Fashionlivre.

How do I edit or delete a look?

The options to edit and delete a look are located at the top right side of the look.

What should I do in case I find offensive Look posted by some other user?

You can click on “Mark Abuse” button available at the bottom of the look. We will review all marked looks for violation of our Terms of Service and ban offenders when necessary.

What should I do in case I find Look posted by some other user doesn’t follow the guidelines of Fashionlivre?

You can click on “Mark Abuse” button available at the bottom of the look. We will review all marked looks for violation of our Terms of Service and ban offenders when necessary.

What is “Trending” page and how my look will be appear on the “Trending” page?

The look which will be most popular based on the number of like and love by the Fashionlivre community will feature on the “Trending” page. The look will be sorted based on the number of like and love. Once the look gets older, it moves down in position To feature your look on the “Trending” page, post your best look, promote via Facebook, twitter, Google-plus, Pinterest and engage community members to like your look.

How does the “New” page work?

The “New” page features the most recent looks. It will be sorted based on the time.

How do I become the “Trend setter” on Fashionlivre?

•    Post high quality photos that display your style at its best. Make sure to follow all guidelines.
•    Be an active participant in the community. Like the other looks, make friends by following other members and leave sincere comments on looks you like.
•    Promote your looks with your friends.

What is my wall?

The wall will have all the looks posted by you and of your followings.

What is Followers?

Followers are people who receive your Looks and will be inspired by you. If someone follows you:
•    They'll show up in your followers list.
•    They'll see your looks in their wall whenever they log in.

What is Followings?

Following someone on Fashionlivre means:
•    You are subscribing to their looks as a follower.
•    Their updates will appear in your wall.
•    They'll show up in your following list.

What is your profile page?

The profile page will have your basic information, and profile photo.

How can I upload a profile photo?

Go to your wall and navigate “Edit profile” in the right side navigation area. Upload your photo under the profile picture section.

What is public profile page?

The public page is the one which will show up to the other members of the Fashionlivre.

How do I change or retrieve my password?

Please click on the `forgot password’ link to retrieve your password. You can change your password by going to the profile setting page under the security information tab.



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