Rules and Regulations

Rules for posting the Look:


1:  Full body photos: Your photo should display head-to- toe look.


2:  Self photo: It should be your photo. The photos of any other person, children, and celebrity will not be allowed and will be removed. The photos with multiple people are not allowed.


3:  Clearly Visible Look: Your photos must be clearly visible, free of text and without any excessive editing. If the photo is not clearly visible due to any reason like blurriness, poor lighting, it will be deleted at the discretion of our moderators.


4:  No Multiple Outfit photo in one Look: One look should not have photo contains different outfits. If you want to have different outfit, post it as a separate Look.


5:  Collage photos: Collaged photos are allowed, but should not contain more than 3 images.


6:  Repeated Looks: Previously posted looks are not allowed and will be removed.


7:  Age: You should be 13 years and above to post your photo.


8:  No offensive photo: Any offensive photo will be not allowed and in case of such violation the user will be banned from the community.


9:  Advertisement:  Please do not place ads or spam. If you would like to promote your product, please contact at:


If any posted photos which do not qualify the above mentioned criterion shall be deleted at the discretion of our moderators. If any user will repeatedly violates the rules and regulation then will be banned from the Fashionlivre website.



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